EasySpot Hybrid + HiScan Surgical

DEKA Scan-Assisted ENT Laser Microsurgery

EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator: The New Gold Standard in Microsurgery

The EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator offers exclusive technical advantages in microscopic surgery offering full control in areas requiring extreme precision and utmost accuracy. Combining holographic lens and high reflectivity mirrors hybrid technology produces micro spots and the largest scanning figures on the market. The main scanning functions are microswitch-controlled by the joistick allowing the surgeon to operate without ever taking his eyes off the microscope. These are the technological innovations offered by the HiScan Surgical and EasySpot Hybrid that make them the most ergonomic and versatile systems on the market


  • Easy Control
  • East Field
  • Easy Focus
  • HiScan Surgical
  • The greatest range of scanning shapes

Easy Control

Operate without ever moving your eyes from the microscope.

4 functions controlled by the exculsive microswitch joystick:

  • Scanning shape rotation (step-by-step and fast)
  • Ablation figures dimension adjustment
  • Scan-ON/Scan-OFF
  • Laser beam Centering adjustment

Easy Field

Mechanical control of the working area to precisely confine the laser beam within the operating field. Easy and safe.

Easy Focus

  • Hybrid technology focusing system (holographic lens and high-reflectance mirrors)
  • Single-ring focus/defocus system with focal point memory
  • High depth focus with exact correspondence between the guide light and the CO2 laser

HiScan Surgical

HiScan Surgical is a double-galvanometer system patented by DEKA.  It allows the robotic technology use in microsurgery.  The laser beam focused by the zoom of the hybrid micromanipulator in spots of few microns is rapidly moved offering:

  • Optimal scanning figures for cutting and ablation of tissues
  • Minimum lateral thermal damage to tissues
  • Selection of the ablation depth of each signle scan (depth mode)
  • Reduced learning curve

The Greatest Range of Scanning Shapes for Surgery

HiScan Surgical can generate the most suitable scanning shapes in ENT microsurgery, including:

  • Line
  • Circle arches up to complete circle
  • Filled circle
  • Filled hexagon
  • Double interpolated ellipse
  • Spirals for ONE SHOT stapedotomy


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