The SLT/YAG Combination Laser

Tango™ features a proprietary dual-mode laser cavity, combining a full-featured SLT laser with a precise, powerful YAG laser

Tango™ combines a full-featured SLT laser with a powerful, precise YAG laser, helping you to better manage both OAG and ACG patients, while also providing a highly effective solution for capsulotomy procedures.  

Engineered and built by Ellex, Tango brings together 30 years of manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistently better treatment results.  Featuring a proprietary, patented dual-mode laser cavity, which allows you to instantly - and reliably - switch between SLT and YAG modes, combined with a custom-designed power supply that maintains optimum system stability for greater shot-to-shot consistency, Tango allows you to perform SLT and YAG treatments with improved accuracy and greater efficacy over the long-term.

With the industry’s fastest firing rate at 3 shots per second, Tango™ saves you time and allows you to perform quick and highly accurate treatment. Other SLT/YAG lasers simply can’t keep up, averaging 2.5 hertz in SLT mode and 2 hertz in YAG mode respectively.

Tango’s patented, proprietary cavity facilitates more effective heat transfer and cooling, thereby permitting fast, efficient operation. In addition, the system’s pulse capacitors are rapidly recharged between each and every shot without the risk of overheating – ensuring you uninterrupted operation.

Tango's Features

Optimized for Anterior Segment Viewing

The quality and design of Tango's slit lamp optics are optimized for anterior segment viewing - for both SLT and YAG treatment.  Featuring Galilean converging optics with a 16° stereoscopic angle, Tango provides a more natural stereoscopic view combined with a shallow focusing depth. 

Tango's combination of high-grade crown glass materials and multi-layered, anti-reflection coatings on all optical components maximizes light transmission whilst minimizing dispersion to deliver better optical performance.  In addition, next-generation filter technology provides the best colour balance possible.

IOL-Friendly Photodisruption

In YAG mode, Tango™ allows you to cut tissue more effectively using fewer shots and less cumulative energy – dramatically reducing the risk of IOL pitting. Featuring an Ultra Gaussian beam profile, Tango™ focuses more energy into the center of the beam profile to deliver greater energy density, achieving optical breakdown (in air) of approximately 1.8mJ, in optimal conditions. This compares to other YAG lasers, which typically achieve optical breakdown (in air) of 3 to 4mJ in optimal conditions.

Better Performance Over the Long-Term

In YAG mode, Tango™ is life-tested to deliver more than 400,000 shots over a wide range of operating conditions.

A Q-switch is an optical component used to “gate” energy in order to generate a short, high peak-energy pulse. The Q-switching element used in Tango is fabricated from highly stable, homogenous materials, which exhibit similar expansion characteristics. Unlike organic polymer materials that can cause inconsistent treatment performance due to material warping and fatigue, the materials used in the Tango Q-Switch are thermally matched to deliver more consistent performance over a number of different operating conditions – ensuring robust, reliable performance. In addition, Tango’s custom-built YAG power supply incorporates a micro-controller and energy compensation algorithm to deliver greater shot-to-shot consistency.

Precise SLT Treatment

Tango’s system electronics, energy attenuator and energy monitor are configured to deliver optimal positional resolution. In addition, an automatic calibration process, combined with start-up and test-fire sequences, uses feedback from the energy monitor in order to constantly adjust the system to ensure more reliable, stable output. The end result: parameter settings can be adjusted in 0.1 mJ increments to ensure precise treatment results. This capability, coupled with superior energy control, enables you to deliver highly accurate SLT treatment. All SLT treatment parameters are designed to industry-recognized treatment protocols, maximizing treatment options and ensuring effective patient results.

Precise YAG Treatment

Accurate focusing on the capsule (anterior or posterior) is critical to preventing IOL pitting. With a tolerance range of ± 8 microns, Tango’s fine, two-point focusing system in YAG mode makes it easy for you to know when you are in focus, ensuring that energy is delivered where you intend in relation to your target.

With a two-point focusing system the two aiming beams converge in the focal plane. This simple, yet highly precise aiming system, is the most accurate at indicating when the laser and slit lamp view are in proper focus, as it allows you to see a separation of the two aiming beams (which indicates out-of-focus) with even the smallest of slit lamp (or patient) movements.

In comparison, four-point and many other focusing systems require a significant shift in the slit lamp’s position before you can distinguish any separation of the aiming beams.

Accurately Position Optical Breakdown

In order to deliver precise treatment and avoid the risk of side effects like IOL pitting, Tango’s continuously variable posterior offset control adjustment (from 100 to 500 microns) allows the most precise adjustment of the plasma ball’s position. Since the plasma ball creates shock waves that move back in the direction of the laser source (that is, towards the operator), the ideal placement of the plasma ball is slightly “posterior offset” from the target tissue to be incised.

Designed to Maximize Your Workflow

Ellex has integrated the laser and slit lamp for greater efficiency and reliability, as well as for improved ease of use. Tango’s compact, efficient design provides you with additional working space – making it easier to align the patient and to position the contact lens. It also offers the added benefit of convenient, simultaneous access to the patient and laser controls. As an added benefit, it minimizes system downtime because there are no exposed fiber-optic or electrical cables to accidentally damage and thereby eliminates the need for you to calibrate the system, or to reposition cables or adapters – simply aim, shoot and fire.

Greater Efficiency at the Touch of a Button

Designed to make procedures as efficient as possible, Tango™ features a dual-mode laser cavity design — allowing you to instantly switch between SLT and YAG modes at the touch of a button. Unlike other SLT/YAG lasers, which feature laser cavities outsourced from third-party manufacturers, Tango™ incorporates Ellex’s proprietary, patented dual-mode laser cavity design.

A Wider View

Large diameter oculars (eyepieces) provide a wider field of view of the target area.


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