iScan - Automated OCT

Guided OCT—where advanced scanning is realized in a system so user-friendly it even talks to patients

The OCT That Practically Runs Itself

iScan is a fully integrated OCT that offers all of the scans available on a traditional OCT with the added benefit of simplified operation—perfect for Eye Care Professionals seeking an affordable OCT. It’s ideal for practices with limited staff, since iScan delivers consistent scan acquisition with minimal training—and vocally guides patients through an entire exam in any of 12 languages. Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient, choosing the scan and pushing start. iScan performs all of the focus and alignment operations while talking the patient through the entire exam. With iScan, your office staff will want to run the OCT.

​iScan has a streamlined design that integrates the operator interface, display, patient interface and scan head into one tabletop console that is approximately the same size as a desktop computer, so any practice can find space for the system. iScan also features quick plug-and-play installation, making it a truly portable OCT system.


Introducing Epithelial Thickness Mapping

Optovue's exclusive epithelial thickness mapping is the first non-contact, quantitative measure of the corneal epithelia and stroma that helps you evaluate early ocular surface changes. Now you can examine the epithelial thickness profile to aid in the diagnosis of corneal disease and quantify stromal thickness in cross-linking patients.

Gain new information that may be added to the risk analysis for patients considering refractive surgery, and measure epithelial and stromal thickness after surgery to evaluate refractive surgery outcomes. Start your dry eye workup with new information on the epithelial thickness distribution.

Exclusive iWellness Scan

The iWellnessExam® is an Optovue exclusive that delivers a quick, easy OCT scan to promote better overall patient eye health. Its usefulness stems from a single, comprehensive report that depicts: retinal thickness and GCC® thickness with normative comparison, symmetry analysis, FLV% and GLV%, proprietary Optovue  GCC metrics that provide important information to aid in ocular disease diagnosis and management and eight high resolution B-scans.


Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC®)

Advanced GCC imaging reveals ganglion cell and axon loss in optic nerve head disease. GCC thickness mapping improves clarity in structural change identification. Optovue’s exclusive focal loss volume (FLV%) and global loss volume (GLV%) analyses increase GCC sensitivity and specificity.


RNFL and GCC Trend Analysis

Advanced capabilities include RNFL and GCC® combination reports with normative comparison as well as RNFL and GCC trend analysis.


High Density 3D Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging capabilities include HD crossline scanning and 3D retina scan with en face presentation, which enables virtual retinal dissection by displaying three different reference planes: ILM, IPL and RPE.


In-Depth 3D Optic Disc Analysis

3D disc scan depicts the optic nerve in cross section with the representative thicknesses of selected slices. GCC analysis helps identify ganglion cell loss, which sometimes precedes RNFL loss.


Anterior Segment Imaging and Measurement

Anterior segment imaging features pachymetry mapping, a variety of corneal and angle measurement tools and exclusive Vault Mapping.


OCT technology continues to evolve our understanding of the eye and the quality of care that we deliver to our patients. The iScan revolutionizes the way we think about OCT because of its ease of use and the speed of image acquisition. It makes OCT technology available to everyone, regardless of practice mode.

Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO

Premier Vision Group

Optovue iScan Brochure



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