3-in-1 Ophthalmic Ultrasound - A/B Scans and Pachymetry

Together with its high quality B-scan mode, and the optional biometry and pachymetry modules,  Compact Touch™ sets the standard in portability for ophthalmic ultrasound systems

The Compact Touch™ A/B-Scan system with optional pachymetry mode provides a new standard in the world of compact and portable ophthalmic ultrasound systems. This 3-in-1 system combines outstanding image and measurement performance with exceptional ergonomics and intuitiveness. The compact design and lack of external PC make it easy to transport between offices.

Superior B Scan Visualization

Proprietary technology offers high resolution B mode images achieving better visualization and differentiation of structures and pathologies.

New High Frame Rate functionality provides real time imaging when kinetic examination is crucial.


Precision in A Scan and IOL Calculation

The IOL calculation function allows comparison between different IOL types and calculation formula.  A total of 12 IOL calculation formulae are available including post-refractive surgery formulae.


Easy Glaucoma Screening with the Pachymetry Option

With a precision of ± 5 microns, the pachymetry module allows fast and accurate corneal thickness measurements.

Built-in IOP correction calculation tables provide the ability to adjust for variations in intra-ocular pressure.

For refractive surgery, several measuring modes and corneal maps are available.

Mobile Versatility

Weighing less than 11 lbs, the Compact Touch is easy to transport to wherever it's needed. The built-in patient and user databases provide unlimited access to information and the EMR compatibility allows  for connection to any compatible software for data storage.

B Probe 10 MHz - General Diagnosis Probe

Automatic biometry readings obtained from a B mode image allowing axial length measurements for difficult to measure long eyes or posterior staphyloma.


Biometry Probe

Biometry probe for axial length measurement with built-in pattern recognition, automatic calculation of standard deviation and average total length.

Biometry Probe with ProBeam Laser Pointer

Biometry probe with an integrated laser to ensuring the acquisition in the visual axis, increasing the patient cooperation and accelerating the speed of acquisition of A scans.

Pachymetry Probe

Pachymerty probe allows for a quick and reliable measurement of the central corneal thickness thanks to its 20 MHz probe.

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