BVI Surgical Consumables

Market leading portfolio of single-use ophthalmic surgical devices

Leading-Edge Ophthalmic Surgical Devices

BVI is one of the leading manufacturers of ophthalmic devices offering a broad range of accessories, single-use instruments and custom procedure packs. BVI provides innovative and high quality products that perform consistently and predictably for surgeons across the globe. 
Their trusted brands include: Beaver® (Knives and Blades), Visitec® (Cannulas), Malosa® (Single-Use Instruments), and Vitreq® (Vitreoretinal Surgical Products).


BVI's quality accessories complement their broad offering of ophthalmic portfolio offering. BVI's accessories include universal eye shields, eye bandages, and drapes. These accessories are made to the same high quality standards as the instrumentation, lenses and equipment in the BVI portfolio.  


BVI offers a wide portfolio of single-use cannulas to meet the diverse needs of today’s ophthalmic surgeons. As the market leader for 40 years, Visitec cannulas are designed through innovation and high-quality processes to meet ever-changing surgical needs and aid surgeons in providing quality patient care. As microincisional surgery continues to grow, single-use cannulas play an important part in promoting patient safety.


BVI's electrosurgery devices are designed for precise and discrete, coagulation, with minimal tissue trauma for vitreoretinal procedures, glaucoma filtration and cataract incisions. 

Fluid Control

BVI offers a wide range of fluid control products that have been designed to meet the needs of ophthalmic clinicians. We provide the surgeon with superior fiber free (cellulose free) products for unparalleled fluid control and safe cleaning of the microsurgical instruments. The exclusive MEROCEL® material is highly absorbent, fast wicking, lint-free, polyvinyl acetal (PVA). Weck-Cel(R) Cellulose Spears are the standard of care in cataract surgery and the UltraClean PVA spears allow rapid recovery of fluids during LASIK or other corneal procedures.

Knives and Blade

Beaver® is the market leading brand in high-quality surgical blades and knives since 1932. The knives are designed to deliver exceptional precision, sharpness and consistency. BVI's patented safety shield on knives protects the blade against inadvertent damage during passing or use ensuring a consistent user experience. We offer a broad portfolio of products for ophthalmic and specialty procedures.

Punctal Occluders

BVI is the world leader in punctal occlusion providing solutions for every stage in your patients’ continuum of care. Our plugs and implants are easy to insert, have excellent retention, and are comfortable for the patient. Made of medical grade silicone, the Parasol provides permanent, though easily reversible, occlusion for chronic dry eye. 

Single-Use Intruments

Vitreq®, Beaver® and Malosa® single-use instruments help to eliminate reprocessing and sterilization costs, improves patient safety and decrease cross-contamination and provides for consistent and reliable instrument performance within every case.  

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