LUCENT IPL - Professional Intense Pulse Light System

The ultimate system for treating Dry Eye Disease.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) - The Gold Standard in Dry Eye Treatments

IPL technology is quickly becoming the gold standard for the treatment of dry eye. The LUCENT IPL offers several unique benefits, including an advanced cooling system and multiple pulse modes for ultimate patient comfort.

With the LUCENT IPL, you will be able to treat dry eyes; you will also be able to provide patients with a wide range of aesthetic treatments. 

Key Features

  • Health Canada approved for Dry Eye indications
  • IPL Technology - The new gold standard for treatments
  • Expand & differentiate your service offerings 
  • Convenient user interface - easy to use with built-in pre-sets
  • Non-invasive - safe with little to no downtime

Health Canada Approved

The LUCENT system is one of the few systems given the Health Canada approval for Dry Eye treatments.

How IPL Works

LUCENT IPL Technology delivers energy at different wavelengths to target the root cause of Dry Eyes. The filtered light is absorbed by the skin and converted to thermal energy, which targets the inflammatory vessels surrounding the eye, shutting them off and reducing inflammation.

1 Handpiece - Multiple IPL Applications

7 filters for expert IPL Treatments
Choose between 7 expert filters to treat multiple conditions. Reduce errors and improve safety with filter detection technology.


High Power and Advanced Pulse Technology

Most Powerful IPL System on the Market
At 3500 Watts, LUCENT IPL delivers the highest power on the market.

Choose from 4 Pulse Modes
Enhance treatment results with four specially designed pulse modes for safe, effective and comfortable treatments.

Enhanced Patient Comfort and Safety

The Advanced Cooling Technology featured on the LUCENT IPL ensures and enhances patient comfort and safety. This is done through an automatic cooling process that protects the epidermis, increases patient comfort, reduces erythema, and improves IPL treatments' efficacy.

With the option to choose from 3 different light guides, the LUCENT IPL gives you the ability to select the ultimate fit for each patient.

Expand Your Practice with Aesthetics Treatments

Maximize your business potential by taking advantage of the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology. With the LUCENT IPL, you will be able to provide your patients with popular aesthetic treatments, including hair removal, acne treatments and more.




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