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Preventative eye-care. Protecting eyes from blue light.

azulOptics MP-eye

The MP-eye is a fast and easy tool that assesses a person's natural defence against harmful blue and violet wavelengths that affect the retina. It outputs a single score that ranks your patients' macular pigments' strength against the wider population. 

People with high macular pigment levels have a decreased risk of long-term light and oxidative (photochemical) damage to the retina leading to drusen and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  In addition people with high levels of macula pigment have better contrast sensitivity, greater ability to deal with glare, and better photo-stress recovery.

Having this information allows Eye Care Professionals to identify patients at risk of developing diseases such as AMD and help patients take action to protect their eyes. 

Macular pigment assessment should be part of every eye test. Because photochemical damage accumulates over time, you should be testing as many people as you can, as young as you can. Testing everyone will allow you to find those people with low levels of natural protection so that you can give them good advice about protecting their eyes.  Regular assessment using the MP-eye will enable you to detect changes in your patient's score. Significant decreases in this score could provide early warning of underlying eye health issues. 

Learn more about how Macular Pigment Testing works

Easy to Use

The simple test protocol does not require users to have any medical training. The tablet interface is intuitive and leads you through the examination so that you can focus on your patient. The MP-eye is suitable for any test or pretest routine.


There is no dilation required, an MP-eye test typically takes less than a minute. Now you can assess macular pigments as part of your standard eye examination.


Tracking changes in your patients over time requires equipment that behaves consistently. The MP-eye delivers repeatable results, so that you can be confident in each assessment.


With a footprint of less than 30cm/12" square, the MP-eye fits into any examination room or pre-examination area.

I purchased the MP-eye because it helped me have a conversation with my patients about protecting their eyes for the long-term and got me talking about things they could do to reduce their risk of AMD.

P. Shah, Optometrist

P. Shah Opticians (UK)

MP-eye is a great piece of new technology that has become a focal point for conversations with our patients about what they can do to maintain good eye health through life... using it has even affected my own behaviour and I find myself consciously putting on my hat and sunglasses more often.

Brian Tompkins (FCOptom FBCLA)

Serious Readers Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists

I am delighted with the MP-eye and feel it was a great addition to our practice. We are able to offer our patients definitive results, and information and advice based on this quick and easy test. As a result, the practice has significantly improved sales of supplements, blue blocking lenses & sunglasses, leading to a quick return on investment for the MP-Eye.

Amy Clarke, Optometrist

Smith & Swepson, Cheltenham

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