Zimmer enPlus 2.0 Radial Shockwave

Radial pluse therapy is an effective alternative for treating chronic soft tissue pain 

Treat chronic soft tissue pain 

The enPlus hand piece contains a projectile that is accelerated through the electromagnetic transfer of kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is then transformed into impact energy in the applicator head. The impact energy delivered from the applicator head results in radial pulses in the target tissue. Radial Pulse Therapy provides an excellent alternative to treating muscle tissue. The energy treats muscle pain and helps to increase circulation in the target tissue.

Advantages of enPlus

  • Quick treatments
  • Gentle and painless
  • No disposables
  • No down time
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Easy to operate


The high energy radial shockwaves consist of two different parts – positive pressure pulse and a comparatively small tensile wave component.

Tissue penetration efficiency

Thanks to its 39 mm applicator head, the ZWave transmits the radial shockwaves directly, and with high precision, into the tissue. It was observed and documented that the introduction of a mechanical pressure wave triggers various tissue reactions that have a beneficial effect on body.


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