StarFormer is Fotona’s latest innovation in body shaping

NEW High-Intensity Tesla Magnetic Stimulation (HITS™) System

Advanced and Customizable Magnetic Body Sculpting and Muscle Strengthening System

StarFormer® is a High-Intensity Tesla Magnetic Stimulation (HITS™) device, enabling muscles to strengthen, tone, and firm without effort.

The StarFormer technology and customizable treatment plans, help you meet the needs of a wide variety of patients. With treatment options ranging from muscle building to pain reduction,  this treatment will become core to your business success by expanding your portfolio and attracting new customers*.

Benefits to your business

  • Suitable for a wide range of body types and areas
  • 4 applicators for targeted treatment options
  • Easy-to-use & operator independent
  • Non-invasive, no downtime
  • Perfect compliment to any aesthetic treatment

How it works

Magnetic pulses harmlessly penetrate into the muscle layers causing them to automatically contract. With StarFormer®, muscle cells can be built-up effortlessly with stimulated muscle contractions, such as during traditional strength training. The end result is increased muscle strength.

Each 30 min treatment delivers approximately 50,000 contractions

Ultimate treatment flexibility

Fotona has worked with industry experts to develop a comprehensive muscle stimulation system, proven effective to deliver optimal patient results.

With up to 4 applicators, StarFormer is the only system of its kind that can target specific areas, such as the abs, glutes, back, and pelvic floor, or multiple areas at once.

With no consumables, built-in presets, and targeted marketing materials, the system will become core to your patients’ health and to your practice in no time.

Burn fat & shape muscle

  • Shape, build, and define large muscle groups
  • Improve core strength
  • Burn stubborn fat


Rebuild and strengthen pelvic floor muscles

  • Help manage stress or urge incontinence
  • Help Improve sexual function


Restore core strength from bottom to back

  • Improve balance and stability
  • Strengthen posture
  • Boost circulation

Strengthen & repair

  • Helps with the rehabilitation of motor control
  • Reduces pain