StarWalker is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market

Pico Performance in a Nano System For More Effective Tattoo and Pigment Removal 

The Highest Performance Single-Pulse Q-Switch Laser

Fotona's StarWalker MaQX system is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market today. It has the power to remove all common pigmented lesions and a broad spectrum of tattoo colours, and offers the ability to provide additional aesthetic treatments such as skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, vascular lesion removal and laser hair removal.  

The StarWalker is built for maximum performance with patented, state-of-the-art innovations to make treatments safer and more effective.

The StarWalker Advantage:
  • Treats all pigmented lesions and tattoo colours
  • 4 laser sources in one system 
  • High single-pulse energy for large spot size treatment 
  • Uniform beam profile with patented OPTOflex® vacuum cell technology
  • Longer system lifetime - virtually 100% flashlamp pulse utilization

Q-Switched Technology with 4 different Wavelengths for complete pigment range

Laser wavelength must be carefully considered when removing pigments, especially with multi-colored tattoos and vascular lesions. The laser wavelength is what determines which pigment color or chromophore will be predominantly targeted by the laser to selectively remove it. To ensure safe and effective treatments, you’ll need an optimized selection of wavelengths to target a wide range of pigments.

The StarWalker's Nd:YAG laser provides the ideal platform for initiating wavelength conversions to create a true multi-wavelength pigment removal solution. The StarWalker offers four treatment wavelengths in a single system:

- 1064 nm Nd:YAG to treat and remove dark pigments,
- 532 nm KTP for lighter pigments, vascular lesions and red, tan, purple and orange tattoo inks,
- 650 nm dye for green tattoo inks,
- 585 nm dye for sky blue inks and vascular lesions.

This optimal selection of wavelengths provides the ability to treat a plethora of pigmented and vascular lesions, as well as the most complex, multi-colored tattoos.

Highest Beam Profile Quality ensures greater safety during treatments

Achieving a homogeneous beam profile is technically challenging due to the non-linearity of Q-switched lasers. Fotona’s advanced Q-switched technology relies on groundbreaking solutions such as patented OPTOflex® and Vacuum Cell technologies to produce an almost perfectly homogeneous beam profile.

Homogeneity of the laser beam profile ensures greater safety during treatments since laser energy is evenly distributed across the treated area. Epidermal damage is minimized and the risk of bleeding, tissue splatter and transient textural changes in the skin is significantly decreased.

Fotona’s state-of-the-art, patented OPTOflex® articulated arm is specifically designed to transmit Q-switched laser light with minimal loss of energy. Its ergonomic design also allows the handpiece to naturally follow hand movement during procedures, further enhancing treatment precision and accuracy in the most delicate and demanding treatments.

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