LUCENT IPL The Ultimate Skin Brightening Solution

IPL technology is a tried and true staple of any aesthetic business. This versatile system offers medical practices a variety of skin treatment & hair removal applications with 1 device.

Maximize revenue with in-demand IPL treatments

IPL technology is a tried and true staple of any aesthetic business. The ongoing battle against recurring hyperpigmentation and hair regrowth provides a constant revenue stream when armed with an effective treatment solution.

The LUCENT IPL system uses gold-standard technology to enhance your patient’s natural beauty and address common skin concerns and dermatological conditions. This convenient and versatile system offers medical practices a variety of treatment applications with just one device.

Photo-rejuvenation (IPL) reported as the 5th most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure” -ASAPS 2019

Benefits to your business

  • One device, multiple treatment offerings
  • Safe and effective, with minimal downtime
  • Attractive acquisition cost and no costly consumables
  • User-friendly interface & presets

7 Filters for Expert IPL Treatments

Choose between seven expert filters to treat acne, pigment, and vascular lesions, remove hair and more. LUCENT IPL treatments deliver energy at different wavelengths to address numerous aesthetic and dermatology needs. The depth of penetration varies according to the wavelength. The longer the wavelength, the greater the depth of penetration.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Enhance patient comfort and safety

Automatic cooling protects the epidermis, increases patient comfort, reduces erythema, and improves the efficacy of IPL treatments.

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Comfortable

Advanced Pulse Technology

Enhance treatment results with four specially designed pulse modes for safe effective and comfortable treatments.

  • Single Pulse
  • Double Pulse
  • Triple Pulse
  • Lucent Toning Pulse

Convenient User Interface

Built-in pre-sets for the most popular treatments

Benefit from a user-friendly interface and LCD Touch Screen to navigate and select treatment parameters based on skin and hair types.

System Interface


Remove Unwanted Hair

LUCENT safely and effectively removes hair from the face, neck, chin, and body by destroying the hair follicle and preventing future growth for long-term results.*


Skin Rejuvenation – "Photorejuvenation"

LUCENT offers a non-invasive rejuvenation treatment aimed to improve the look of fine wrinkles and tighten the skin.


Treat Acne

IPL is an effective treatment for acne. LUCENT emits specific wavelengths of light to target P. acnes bacteria, resulting in selective destruction of the bacteria. 


Treat Pigment & Sun Damage

IPL is a popular choice used to treat one of the most popular patient complaints – photoaged skin. Treat freckles, age spots, melasma, vascular lesions, and more.


Treat Vascular Lesions

IPL improves vascular lesions by raising the blood vessel temperature high enough to cause its coagulation. This results in gentle and even coagulation over the entire vessel.



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