Redensity® 1 Beauty Booster

A mix of non-crosslinked and crosslinked HA for prevention of skin ageing

For skin redensification and prevention of the signs of aging

Age, stress, hormonal imbalance (post-birth, menopause...) as well as sun, tobacco and an unhealthy lifestyle are all factors involved in skin aging. With time, lines develop, complexion turns dull, the skin texture becomes uneven and wrinkles appear. All these changes create dark areas on the face and the skin gradually loses its glow and becomes dry, thin and fragile.

Loss of hyaluronic acid and excessive oxidative stress are the main reasons of skin aging.  Hyaluronic acid is an essential skin component.  It acts like a sponge that retains water and keeps the skin moisturized, plumped and healthy.  
Thanks to Teoxane, it is now possible to restore this balance by nourishing the skin from within.

Offer new patients
- a minimally invasive option to help them take the first step towards dermal fillers while improving skin quality.

A new option for patients who have used filler - to maintain their results and/or as a complement to magnify the effect of a filler injection.

Immediate & Long-Lasting Results


  • For optimum treatment: 3 sessions at 3-week intervals for immediate and cumulative results
  • For maintenance: 1 session, 3 times a year
  • 2 packaging sizes available; 2 x 1 ml syringe for targeted treatments, 1 x 3 ml syringe for global aesthetic treatments
For optimal results, Redensity® 1 is best delivered using the Beauty Booster Injection Device 

REDENSITY I Beauty Booster Brochure

Skin redensification and prevention of the signs of aging


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