Beauty Booster Injection Device

Discover the optimal way to inject microdoses of Redensity® 1 or PRP 

Revolutionizing the way we inject

Utilizing the Beauty Booster Delivery Device to inject Teosyal Redensity I, a mix of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients, or platelet rich plasma (PRP) revolutionizes the way we treat skin. The Beauty Booster Delivery Device injects into the skin with precise depth and accuracy. The treatment can be completely customized with a wide range of applications to target dehydrated skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It can be used to achieve tighter, firmer skin on the face, lower eyelid, forehead, neck and décolleté.

Advantages of the Beauty Booster Injection Device:

  • Precise depth and accurate dosing
  • Minimal pain and downtime 
  • ​Decreased treatment time 
  • ​Additional revenue opportunity 

Precision and Reliability

The Beauty Booster Treatment Program provides a powerful combination of microneedling with the exclusive patented formula of Redensity® 1 to provide precision and ease of use to the injector. The Beauty Booster Injection device allows the practitioner to place the Redensity® 1 reliably beneath the skin. It offers precise depth and accurate dosing for a quick and effective treatment with minimal pain and downtime for patients. The 9 point multi-needle tip and vacuum tip reduces discomfort for the patient while adding the benefits of microneedling. 

Redensity® 1

Redensity® 1 is designed for the prevention of wrinkles and rehydration of the face, neck, and neckline.

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Beauty Booster Treatment with Redensity®1

A Beauty Booster treatment is a way to re-densify the skin by injecting Redensity®1 with the Beauty Booster 9-point injection device.
3ml of Redensity®1 are injected uniformly through one hundred shots with the injection device. During every shot, a precise dose of 0.0033ml is delivered through each needle, 9 needles at a time. The treatment can be completed within 15 minutes.
This treatment is ideal for any patient who feels their skin looks tired, dull, crepey, or dehydrated and for individuals with uneven skin tone, texture or roughness, fine lines and dark, drawn areas. The results are visibly lighter, smoother, softer, and with annual or semi-annual touch-ups, can be used to prevent the signs of aging.

The Business Case

The Beauty Booster Sales Program provides an optimized treatment solution for your business, while delivering  faster results for your patients with exceptional products that complement existing aesthetic services. 

  • A substantial revenue opportunity with minimal up-front capital investment 
  • No Product wastage 
  • Quick and effective
  • Minimal discomfort and downtime for your patient 
We want you to succeed. We provide marketing and social media support to reinforce sales efforts.  The Beauty Booster Delivery Device will help you grow your business while providing your patients with optimal results. 


Beauty Transformation with V2 Beauty Booster


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Micro Needling Beauty Booster Treatment


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V2 Microneedling Beauty Booster Treatment with Dr. Cory Torgerson


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Teosyal Redensity I Beauty Booster Treatment


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REDENSITY I Beauty Booster Brochure

Skin redensification and prevention of the signs of aging


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