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High Power Holmium Laser Fiber

PowerFlex™ high power holmium laser fibers are specially designed for optimal performance on the Lumenis line of Holmium lasers

All Surgical Fibers are Not Created Equal

PowerFlex™ fibers use a variety of technologies to ensure that all fibers are produced for optimal performance. Fiber design is critical for all operating conditions, including extreme scope deflections. By selecting the appropriate core-to-cladding ratios and primary coatings, PowerFlex™ achieves efficiency, reliability and maximum performance.

Available Sizes:
Single-Use Round Tip Hybrid: 200 micron
Single-Use Round Tip: 272 & 365 micron sizes
Single-Use:  272, 365, 550 & 1000 micron sizes
Reusable: 272, 365, 550 & 1000 micron sizes

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