Office-Based Visual Electrophysiology System

Objective and functional information to aid in the early detection of vision disorders and enhanced patient management through modern visual electrophysiology

The Diopsys® NOVA™-VEP office-based Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) system objectively measures the functional responses of the entire visual pathway from the anterior segment of the eye to the visual cortex using a quick and easy test. VEP test results can help improve sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing glaucoma, DME, AMD, DR, Optic Neuritis and other retinal disease when used in conjunction with other diagnostic tests.

Other common functional tests that evaluate the visual pathway are often unreliable due to the subjective nature of the test and the required patient participation. Diopsys VEP tests offer you more confidence in results, as there is no “button pushing” or verbal response needed.

Pattern Electroretinography (ERG) Vision Testing

Diopsys ERG (electroretinography) vision tests provide you with objective, functional information on the performance of retinal ganglion cells. These test results help you identify “stressed” cells at a subclinical stage, when the cells have become dysfunctional but are still alive.

Full Field (Flash) Electroretinography (ffERG) Vision Testing

Diopsys ffERG vision tests provide you with objective information on retinal function. These test results may be used to indicate the level of functional loss and recovery on patients with retinopathies, and give you the added ability to measure the effect of retinopathies on vision through the presence of cataracts.

Enfant® Pediatric Module

The Enfant® Pediatric VEP Vision Test offers you objective, functional information about the entire visual pathway using age-appropriate animations and music, with no verbal response required.

A game-changer in glaucoma diagnostics (Diopsys NOVA) is technology that utilizes ERG and VEP in-office to detect ganglion cell suffering prior to damage that is permanent and irreversible.

Mitch Jackson, MD


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