PulmOne Minibox+

Portable, All-in-One Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

The First Desktop, Gasless, Cabinless PFT Device

MiniBox+ is a patented, first-of-its-kind, desktop plethysmography device for complete Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) in any clinical setting. It is easy to use and provides accurate and repeatable, fully automatic measurements of Total Lung Capacity (TLC) and Residual Volume (RV), as well as Spirometry and Single Breath CO Diffusion (DLCO). With as little as 60 seconds of tidal breathing required for Lung Volume Measurements, this gasless, cabinless system provides maximum patient comfort and reduced anxiety.



The patented outside the box design elements the claustrophobic feel of traditional full-body plethysmography testing, allowing for a much better patient experience as well as improved communication between operator and patient.  The combination of the cabinless design as well as the portability now allows you to test everyone.  Obese, wheelchair-bound, or bedridden patients are no longer an issue.

The MiniBox+ meets all ATS/ERS COVID-19 recommended Guidelines and has incorporated many design elements to ensure both the operator and the patients' safety. The detachable tablet allows operators to use the device from a distance. With the elimination of the cabin, cleaning protocols are quick and easy and drastically reduce the turnaround time between patients. The MiniBox+ approved filters have been clinically validated with a cross-contamination prevention efficiency greater than 99.99% against viral and bacterial bioburden.

Available Tests

  • Spirometry  - complete set of 30+ parameters including FEV1, FVC, SVC, MVV
  • Lung Volumes - same as body plethysmography including TLC, FRC, RV
  • Diffusing Capacity - DLCO, VA, DLCO/VA. Single breath method
  • Other Measurements - 6MWT, Provocation
MiniBox+ lung volumes shown to be equivalent to body box in multi-center study

In a groundbreaking, multi-center study just published in CHEST, lung volumes measured with the MiniBox+™ were shown to be equivalent to body plethysmography (“body box”) in both healthy participants as well as those with lung disease. MiniBox+ lung volumes were more reproducible and correlated better with body plethysmography than the other leading office-based techniques. Learn more…
Fully Compliant with ATS/ERS Guidelines

Comprehensive set of measurements for Lung Volumes, Spirometry & DLCO

Gasless & Cabinless Plethysmography

No sensation of claustrophobia; Can test obese, wheelchair-bound, or bedridden patients

Clinician and Operator Friendly

Intuitive user interface, customizable reports, wide range of data export options

Bacterial/Viral Filter

Single-use 0.25 micron size for 99.999% protection from cross infection, including Coronavirus


Saves time and increases accuracy
Rapid Disinfection

5-min. external wipe-down between patients for removal of potential droplet contamination
Portable & Mobile

Mobility allows for uninterrupted patient flow during room ventilation
Accurate & Repeatable

Automatically generated results minimize technician bias

Fully automated quality control algorithms enable ease-of-use and reliability

I am excited about the ability to rapidly measure both routine spirometry and TLC in a portable device. The ability to measure TLC is very helpful in patients with complex airways disease, mixtures of reversible and irreversible obstruction. Previously these measurements could only be done with a body box in a pulmonary laboratory.”

William C. Howland, MD Allergy and Asthma

Austin, TX

The MiniBox+ has revolutionized our in-office pulmonary function testing. The rapid setup, small physical footprint, reliable and reproducible data, and customizable reports are outstanding. It's been a great experience to team up with PulmOne and we look forward to future enhancements and products.

Jason Seiden, MD, FCCP

NTX Lung and Sleep, Fort Worth, TX

The MiniBox+ is a technological breakthrough allowing easy access to complete PFT monitoring. The ability to transform body box lung plethysmography into an accurate tabletop device is game changing. This has potential to revolutionize the Allergy & Asthma practice.”

Marc E. Rothenberg MD, PHD

Professor of Pediatrics Director, Division of Allergy and Immunology Director, Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

MiniBox+ Brochure


PulmOne MiniBox+ Info Kit


MiniBox Academy

The MiniBox Academy is an innovative, self-paced e-learning training and certification program for MiniBox+ customers. MiniBox Academy, is provided free of charge, is designed to improve PFT testing expertise, and ensure testing consistency, accuracy and reproducibility, as well as facilitate an outstanding patient experience.

The self-paced syllabus includes 17 modules with topics such as: Respiratory System anatomy; introduction to all PFTs - FVC, lung volumes, DLCO, MVV, 6MWT, FeNO and more; optimal testing techniques for the MiniBox+ system. Most modules include how-to videos and knowledge quizzes.