Optovue Solix FullRange OCT

SOLIX features ultra-high-speed scanning for a FullRange field of view that is wide and deep yet does not sacrifice image clarity and resolution.

Ultra High-Speed FullRange® OCT

SOLIX delivers multiple tools for a new generation of disease management that improves throughput and enables superior patient care:

  • FullRange anterior segment imaging to capture the entire anterior chamber in a single scan
  • External IR imaging to enable evaluation of Meibomian glands of the upper and lower lids without a dedicated imaging device
  • Proven glaucoma analytics that combine structural and vascular images and measurements
  • Fundus and external color photography
  • FullRange retinal imaging that allows wide and deep imaging of the retina, choroid and vitreous…even in highly myopic patients
  • Optovue’s industry-leading AngioVue ® OCT Angiography (OCTA) for non-invasive 3D visualization and quantification of retinal vasculature*
  • Wellness capabilities that have become part of a new standard of care for patients suspected of both retinal pathologies and glaucoma

Anterior Segment Imaging

SOLIX FullRange anterior imaging provides stunning views of the entire anterior chamber from the front surface of the cornea to the anterior surface of the lens. A comprehensive anterior segment package expands the clinical utility of the system to address a broad range of patients.

Dry Eye

Add new information to the diagnosis and management of dry eye patients.


Glaucoma Imaging

The SOLIX glaucoma package delivers in-depth analysis of the optic nerve head structure and vasculature. Optovue-exclusive data points bring additional insights that aid in clinical decision making. 

A single scan protocol with Motion Correction Technology (MCT) generates both OCT and OCTA images with AngioAnalytics® metrics to optimize efficiency and help you quickly understand each patient’s rate of change.

Retinal Imaging

SOLIX delivers pristine images of retinal structures with unprecedented views of the vitreous and choroid, enabling confident diagnosis and management of retinal pathologies – even in highly myopic patients.

A single scan protocol with MCT generates all necessary images and data for comprehensive retinal analysis, which optimizes efficiency and  quickly provides the clinical data your practice demands

Solix Wellness

The SOLIX wellness protocol is a valuable assessment tool that can reveal the need for more extensive imaging and streamline the exam process by quickly confirming normal or aiding in more efficient diagnosis of pathology. In addition, wellness programs improve patient involvement and retention for practice differentiation and growth.

Optovue Solix FullRange OCT



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