vSculpt PRO

Pelvic Floor Toning and Vaginal Rejuvenation Device

Empowering women to live their best lives

vSculpt tones, tightens, and restores the vaginal tissue and muscles of the pelvic floor.  Women gain control and confidence as they improve the health of their pelvic floor in just 10 minutes, every other day, from the comfort of their own home.  

vSculpt is a powerful tool that can help you in growing your business and help your patients achieve optimal health. 

Why carry vSculpt?

  • A substantial revenue opportunity 

  • As affordable option for patients not ready for laser treatments or surgery

  • helps maintian results between professional treatments

  • Pairs well with other therapies offered and can be implemented into bundle pricing 

The Science Behind vSculpt PRO

Decreased vaginal tissue and muscular function is a result of damage to the vagina at a nerve, muscle, cellular, or connective tissue level caused primarily by childbearing, obesity, or aging.  vSculpt operates on the principle of healing the pelvic floor through the unique combination of: thermal loading, photobiomodulation and sonic vibration. 

The unique combination of these three modalities generates tightening of the vaginal lumen, while healing the tissue.  Women experience a more toned and tightened pelvic floor, improved bladder function, restored vaginal tissue, and increased vaginal lubrication.  

Clinical Validation

vSculpt is improving the quality of life for women. 

In one clinical study, after 60 days of use, over 90% of women experienced improvements in bladder control, tightness and dryness.  In adddition, vSculpt helps repair nerve damage and improves pelvic pain.  
In a second clinical study, after 45 days of use, 90% of women saw a decrease in bladder leakage as measured by the one-hour pad test.  The average reduction in leakage of those women was 90%, and 61% completely eliminated their leakage.  

The Business Case

Our partnership model is simple: provide results for your patients through state-of-the-art products that complement in-office treatments. 

Completing vSculpt's home-use therapy program between in-office treatments will maximize the benefits of the treatments, optimize your patients' results, and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.  

Why carry vSculpt?

  • A substantial revenue opportunity with no up-front capital investment
  • An affordable option for those patients not ready for laser treatments or surgery 
  • Helps maintain results between treatments 
  • Pairs well with other therapies offered and can be implemented into bundle pricing
Support tools to help you succeed
  • Marketing support to reinforce sales efforts
  • Social Media campaigns to drive the conversation and build brand awareness 
  • Training for your staff and help with sales strategies 

vSculpt is helping women who have pelvic floor issues experience a better quality of life. it's also helping create an open dialogue among women about these very common issues, which up until now have been mainly kept quiet. I'm excited to see this positive step forward in helping advance women's wellness.

Dr. Sarah de la Torre MD OB/GYN

vSculpt Brochure Brochure 

Now there is a new treatment option to offer your patients.  

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