Teleon LENTIS Mplus Multifocal IOL

The rotationally asymmetric MIOL provides minimal to no halos and glare and high contrast sensitivity thanks to its patented design with excellent distance, intermediate and near vision

Fully Rotational Asymmetric Multifocal IOL

Teleon’s innovative presbyopia correcting LENTIS Mplus IOL features a completely new approach in multifocal lens technology.  The totally unique optical design of the first rotationally asymmetric LENTIS Mplus has revolutionized the multifocal IOL market worldwide. Based on the refractive principle the LENTIS Mplus IOL has an innovative sector shaped near vision segment characterized by seamless transitions between the near and distance vision zones.  This unique design results in many benefits for the patient including; minimal to no halo, ghosting and glare as experienced with the currently available technology. 

The Mplus Advantage

  • A natural high contrast sensitivity
  • No image jumps
  • Pupil independent
  • Minimal loss of light
  • Fast adaption time
  • Minimal ghosting or double images
  • Aberration neutral for increased depth of focus

Mplus MF20

The LENTIS Mplus MF20 represents the new standard in refractive lens surgery for modern vision from distance to the extended near range, without compromises.  The softer transition between the two optical zones results in excellent distance and intermediate vision with very good near vision.


Mplus MF30

The LENTIS Mplus MF30 is the original LENTIS lens and gives vision from distance to the extended near range, without compromises.  The 3.0 diopter add results in excellent distance and near vision with very good intermediate vision.


Two High-tech Solutions in One Multifocal IOL

The innovative multifocal toric intraocular lens is designed to correct both presbyopia and corneal astigmatism and combines two superior LENTIS technologies: The unique and patented multifocal lens technology provided by the LENTIS Mplus IOL with innovative presbyopia correction is complemented by the optimal astigmatism treatment of the LENTIS Tplus. The result: optimal vision for your patients!

With the toric Mplus fully customized IOL you get a personalized solution for your patients suffering from presbyopia in combination with regular corneal astigmatism. Due to its specially-designed optics, the toric MIOL compensates for all forms of corneal irregularities, thus providing sharp and clear vision.

In addition, the preset inferior placement of the multifocal near segment and the accordingly adjusted torus facilitate the orientation and thus the implantation. The proven plate-haptic design guarantees optimum rotational stability.

Calculations for this toric lens are done easily using the Easy Toric Calculator at

The Customized Mplus Toric Advantage

  • Fully customized for each patient
  • Excellent visual acuity results for the near, intermediate and distance ranges
  • Extended depth of focus and optimized image quality for all ranges of vision
  • Increased pupil independence, now suitable for very small pupils
  • Minimal halo and glare effects
  • Maximized light efficiency of > 95%
  • Individual and highly accurate astigmatism correction to precisely 0.01D
  • Natural high contrast and colour perception
  • Very high rotational stability thanks to its haptic design
  • Aberration neutral

There are 40 Optical Express clinics in the United Kingdom, and each clinic performs laser vision correction as well as refractive lens exchange//cataract procedures. […] Ninety-five percent of all patients who are treated at one of our centers will receive the Mplus […] We have so much confidence in the Mplus that the surgeon sees the patient on the day of surgery for the first time.

Jan A. Venter, MD, PH

Teleon LENTIS Mplus Brochure


Teleon LENTIS Mplus Brochure


CRST Supplement Mplus and Mplus Toric - Advanced multifocal IOL technology for the treatment of presbyopia astigmatism and cataract


Mammoth Study: 10,000 LENTIS Mplus IOL post-operatively evaluated


Outcomes and Complications of a MultiFocal IOL with a surface embedded  near section





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