OSA- Ocular Surface Analyser

Allows for a full assessment of the ocular surface through a combination of tests for dry eye diagnosis, from tear quality to meibography using international grading scales

The slit lamp mounted O.S.A. is designed to do all tear film tests, from the quality of tears to analysis of the meibomian glands using international grading scales.  The tests allow for a quick detailed analysis of the tear composition including: lipid, aqueous, and mucin.

The O.S.A. makes it possible to identify the type of Dry Eye Disease (DED) and determine which layers should be treated based on the type of deficiency.


Most dry eye disease is caused by an insufficiency of the lipid layer quantity. Therefore the evaluation of the lipid layer is part of your overall Dry Eye Assessment. The O.S.A’s Interferometry test assesses the quantity and quality of the lipid component of the tear film.

Lipid layer thickness measurements are shown in an easy to understand colour coded map, using the international grading scale of Dr. Guillon


Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is one of the most common causes of an abnormal tear film and evaporative dry eye. Using infrared meibography, the O.S.A automatically analyses the images of both the upper and lower eyelid, providing the percentage of extension and percentage of loss of the meibomian glands.

Non-Invasive Break-Up Time

The NIBUT measurement evaluates the stability and regularity of the tear film, by measuring the time between the last complete blink and the appearance of the first discontinuity of the tear film in seconds.

Tear Meniscus Height Measurement

The O.S.A’s Tear Meniscus height measurement test can be taken non-invasively in a matter of seconds by inducing reflex tear production and taking a photo for measurement. The size of these tear menisci are related to the tear secretion rate and stability, providing a good indication of overall tear volume. Small tear volumes may result in dry eye symptoms, especially in aqueous tear deficiency (ATD).

Blepharitis & Cylindrical Dandruff

Detects blepharitis and demodex on the outer surface of the eye and eyelids

Bulbar Redness Classification

Captures an image of the blood vessels of the conjunctiva in order to compare to the classification sheets of bulbar and limbal redness degree


Measurement of the pupil reaction to light with and without glare. Measurement mode : SCOTOPIC, MESOPIC, PHOTOPIC

White to White Measurement

Evaluation of corneal diameter from limbus to limbus

SBM Sistemi O.S.A & IDRA Brochure



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