The Ophthalmic Ultrasound Platform

A/B Scan and UBM modular ultrasound platform that adapts to the varying demand of multi-speciality practices

The Aviso™ is a customizable ultrasound system offering high frequency posterior B scans, UBM, Standardized A and Biometry in a versatile, modular platform. It offers the largest choice of probe frequencies in the market from conventional 10 MHz, standardized A to high frequency anterior and posterior segment probes and covers all diagnostic needs.

Superior image performance, outstanding ergonomics, an intuitive interface, simplified control panel along with a compact size and exceptional precision allow Aviso to cover all diagnostic needs. MAC or PC laptop or desktop configurations and DICOM and EMR compatibility enable quick and easy network database downloading of exams and patient information.

Unparalleled Image Quality

Aviso delivers high resolution digital imaging.  Its high signal to noise ratio helps differentiate the finest structures at all frequencies.  The unique acoustic zoom technology maintains the native image resolution when zooming in at 10 and 20 MHz.

Powerful and User-Friendly Interface

Examinations are fast and easy using the Aviso software via touchscreen remote or the computer terminal. The intuitive interface includes an eye diagram for easy probe labelling, high performance post processing image tools such as measurement calipers, area, and markers for precise quantification and automatic video recording.

Proprietary Magnetic Probe Technology

All probes use the electromagnetic field to control the transducer movement.  This unique technology ensures a faster scanning process, increased image resolution and allows for a lighter probe.

Linear Scanning Technology

Quantel Medical was the first company to introduce linear technology on their UBM probes.  Linear scanning offers the greatest signal intensity, providing superior anterior chamber image quality as the probe is always perpendicular with the tissue interface of interest.

B Probe 10 MHz

Automatic biometry readings obtained from a B mode image allowing axial length measurements for difficult to measure long eyes or posterior staphyloma.

B Probe 20 MHz

The magnetic 20 MHz probe for retina is a unique diagnostic tool for high resolution posterior pole and retinal periphery imaging.

Biometry Probe

Biometry probe for axial length measurement with built-in pattern recognition, automatic calculation of standard deviation and average total length.

Biometry Probe with ProBeam Laser Pointer

Biometry probe with an integrated laser to ensuring the acquisition in the visual axis, increasing the patient cooperation and accelerating the speed of acquisition of A scans.

Lin 25 MHz Probe

25 MHz UBM probe offers linear technology designed for anterior chamber imaging and cataract specialists.

Lin 50 MHz Probe

50 MHz probe reveals what you can't see with OCT alone, enabling the operator to visualize the structures located behind the iris such as ciliary bodies, the processes and lens zonules.

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