MacuLogix AdaptDX Pro™

AdaptDx Pro™ functional test enables diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration at its earliest stages.  It allows you to proactively treat and monitor the disease in order to slow its progression and preserve vision.

Bring AMD out of the darkness

Subtle, yet progressive, night blindness is the first symptom of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Often presented as problems driving or reading at night, impaired dark adaptation function is the first biomarker of AMD – with impairment taking place at least three years before drusen are visible. Therefore, assessing how well patients' eyes can adapt from bright light to darkness makes it possible to detect AMD at a subclinical stage.

Backed by 20 years of proven clinical research, AdaptDx Pro™ is a revolutionary new way to test patients. It is the only test for dark adaptation that can be used in any clinical setting quickly and effectively and does not require a dark room.

AdaptDx Pro Test

  • Highly accurate – 90.6% sensitive to identifying AMD cases and 90.5% specific to identifying normal cases
  • Subclinical detection – helps you diagnose AMD at least three years before drusen are clinically visible
  • Scientifically proven – backed by over 40 peer-reviewed publications

High-Tech Innovation

  • Our on-board technician, Theia™, uses artificial intelligence to ensure consistent results
  • Precision technology automatically aligns with patient’s eyes and monitors fixation
  • Custom eyecups create a light-proof seal, eliminating the need for a darkroom
  • This portable device integrates easily into current workflow
  • Highly accurate results that are easy to interpret

High-Touch Patient Care

  • Theia™ frees up your technician’s time for other tasks
  • Theia’s™ gentle voice guides patients through the test process
  • The lightweight headset was designed for comfort and ease of use
  • Patients can move freely and easily while wearing the headset
  • Comfort Guard™ eyecup covers provide a comfortable, hygienic test experience for each patient

AMD is More Common than You Think

As the leading cause of adult blindness in Canada, AMD is three times more prevalent than glaucoma. However, that statistic is probably much higher considering how much disease is being missed. The AMD problem is expected to get much worse as the aging population grows and we live longer lives.

Drusen are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Studies have found basal laminar and basal linear cholesterol deposits accumulate in the retina prior to the formation of drusen. The deposits block nutrient absorption of RPE cells and, as these degenerate, photoreceptor function becomes impaired. This results in problems with dark adaptation – night vision difficulties – the first symptom of AMD. Eventually the cholesterol deposits grow until they form clinically visible drusen.

Subclinical AMD is the Earliest Stage of the Disease

During the subclinical stage of AMD, patients usually have good corrected visual acuity and the retina appears normal upon clinical examination. But while the structure of the macula might appear healthy, there is already an invisible layer of cholesterol deposits that impairs dark adaptation function.

Dark Adaptation Testing is Highly Specific and Sensitive to AMD

AdaptDx ProTM correctly identifies functional impairment caused by AMD - and is as accurate as visual field testing for glaucoma

Over the past several decades, the eye care industry made tremendous advances in the ability to test for and diagnose age-related macular degeneration (AMD), including; functional assessment, structal evaluations and late-stage progression tools. 

Learn more about AMD Testing  

Dark adaptation is the ability of our eyes to adjust from light to darkness. Research shows that this function is compromised from the earliest stages of AMD and impairment increases as the disease progresses. In fact, impaired dark adaptation indicates the presence of AMD at least three years before drusen are visible.

Learn more about Dark Adaptation Testing  

Detect AMD Three Years Before Drusen are Visible

The AdaptDx Pro™ is a simple, fully-automated dark adaptometer that has the power to identify dark adaptation impairment—the earliest biomarker of AMD.

Meet Theia

Our friendly on-board technician, Theia™, guides patients through the test. Powered by artificial intelligence, she delivers a uniform experience, every time. Her personalized coaching ensures consistent, reliable results.


Monitor AMD Progression

Testing with AdaptDx Pro™ at regular intervals allows you to detect changes in dark adaptation impairment associated with progression of AMD, facilitating prompt intervention.

Give Patients Peace of Mind by Using Hygienic Comfort Guards

Single-use Comfort Guard™ eyecup covers provide a comfortable, hygienic test experience for each patient. They are applied to the eyecups before every patient to ensure a soft and clean surface.


Seamlessly Integrate into Your Practice

AdaptDx Pro™ is the only dark adaptometer that can be used quickly in any clinical setting and does not require a dark room.

Drive Revenue

Monitor patients more frequently, and derive revenue from auxiliary medically-necessary testing, nutraceutical, and optical sales.

We were the first eye care provider to offer the AdaptDx test in Canada! I realized I owed it to my patients to offer this innovative test to help with the early detection and management of AMD. Now, my practice gets to be the one that inspires others here in Canada to begin managing AMD earlier than ever before!

Joe Hoja, OD, Peterborough

Optometric Center

The AdaptDx Pro is amazing for two primary reasons. One, the portability of it is phenomenal. The other piece that’s critical is that Theia, the onboard AI tech, provides the instructions for the test, so patients get consistent instruction every time.

Ryan Powell, OD, Kansas City

Vision Source Eyecare

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