Vision One - Modular Multi-Colour Photocoagulator

Customize your colour configuration: green 532 nm, yellow 577 nm , and red 659 nm for all your retinal procedures

The Vision One system from the creators of the multi-wave laser is the first laser that allows you to customize your colour configuration: green (532nm), yellow, (577 nm) and red (659 nm). Choose 1, 2 or 3 colours, with the ability to upgrade at any time. Vision One comes with an industry-leading intuitive interface for easy access of all three wavelengths using a touch screen display. An advanced optical system instantly changes laser parameters and wavelengths, and dual fiber ports enable rapid changing and smart sensing of different delivery devices.

The Vision One can be adapted to a standard slit lamp and can also be upgraded to include pattern scanning technology with the Array™ LaserLink™. The Array provides uniformity of laser application, shorter treatment time, and less discomfort to the patient.

Modular and Upgradeable

The Vision One comes in many different configurations and has the ability to be upgraded at any time by adding wavelengths or a scanner - choose from red, yellow, green or any combination of the wavelengths


SureSpot ™ Optics

The unique and patented SureSpot optics technology from Lumenis ensures that the focal point of the laser beam is maintained on the retina while power density on the cornea and lens is minimized for increased safety.

SureSpot optics also creates a true 50-micron laser spot; that capability distinguishes the Lumenis technology from other lasers that may have a 100-micron minimum spot size and/or project a fuzzy laser spot on the retina.

In essence, SureSpot optics improves treatment efficacy and precision while reducing the potential for damage to anterior segment tissues. The latter occurrence is especially a concern when using wide-angle lenses that enhance light uptake by the cornea and lens.

Smart™ Fiber Technology

Distinguishes an LIO from an endoprobe or LaserLink™, and automatically adjusts the system power settings accordingly. It also alerts in cases the eye safety filter, footswitch or delivery device are not properly attached to the laser console.

ClearView™ Filters

Optimized view of treatment site - The Lumenis ClearView™ filters' photopic balanced coating eliminates colour distortion of the treatment site while optimizing white light transmission or "brightness" of the physician's view.

Lumenis Vision One Brochure


Lumenis Vision One Specifications



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