High Power Holmium Laser

The VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ holmium laser is the gold standard for treating  BPH, stones, tumors, and strictures.

The VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ family of holmium lasers offers precise cutting, ablation and coagulation properties. The multi-specialty, multi-application platform delivers superior cost effectiveness to yield a high return on investment. VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ gives you maximum flexibility for rapidly completing a full spectrum of procedures and reducing anesthesia time.

The 100 Watt VersaPulse provides one of the highest energy and repetition rates for smoother cutting and faster, more efficient tissue treatment. This laser is ideal for high-power and long duration procedures including bladder stone fragmentation and BPH treatment.

  • Most versatile laser systems for urology applications: BPH (BNI, TUIP, HoLAP, HoLEP, HoLRP), stones, tumors and strictures
  • Precise and controlled cutting and ablation; penetrates just enough to ablate tissue without charring, causing deep thermal necrosis or collateral damage
  • Effective for minimally invasive procedures requiring soft tissue ablations, such as: BPH, stones, turbinate reduction and endometriosis

Holmium VersaPulse Powersuite


Lumenis VersaPulse Powersuite Specifications



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