MOSES Technology Fibers

A patent-protected innovation revolutionizing urology care

MOSES Technology Fibers

MOSES™ is a revolutionary, patent-protected technology for holmium laser treatments in both urinary stones and BPH.  The technology utilizes a proprietary combination of holmium lasers and fibers that optimize holmium energy transmission using a unique pulse modulation. 

Smooth Process - More Confidence

The advanced ball-shaped tip of the Moses 200 D/F/L  enables a smooth insertion through a flexible scope, and is designed to minimize potential scope damage and to help reach difficult-to-access stone locations.


Leave No Stone Behind

Moses 200 D/F/L flexible fiber is designed to minimize scope deflection loss1, allowing you to reach difficult-to-access stone locations.

1. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance


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