UltraPulse® SurgiTouch CO₂ Laser

Maximum precision and high-end performance for Gynecology applications

Unparalleled Performance and Precision

For decades UltraPulse® technology has been considered the gold standard when it comes to ultra-precise laser-tissue interaction. UltraPulse SurgiTouch is an advanced computer controlled, user-friendly CO₂ pulsed laser platform. It is based on a patented CO₂ laser tube providing up to 60 watts of power. It can generate a continuous series of short-period, high-peak-power pulses.

During the high-peak-power, the laser energy is delivered very rapidly, resulting in vaporization of the targeted tissue without the creation of collateral injury. The lasing modes (UltraPulse and continuous wave) can be alternated according to the desired tissue interaction while the three exposure modes (repeat, single & constant) will allow comprehensive timed-controlled energy delivery.

UltraPulse laser systems are ideal for surgeons who demand the highest performance for the most delicate surgeries.

UltraPulse Unique Features:

  • Fast and highly controlled treatment
  • Clean tissue interaction with virtually no char
  • SurgiTouch automated surgery with Digital AcuBlade
  • Largest suite of accessories to cover all listed clinical indications
  • Advanced scar management capabilities
  • Application driven user interface

Taking The Energy Delivery And Entire Operation To Its Highest Level Of Precision

Lumenis micromanipulators are manufactured to the most critical optical standards, with easy-to-clean hot mirrors and variable tension joysticks for precise placement on targeted tissue. Optional adapters are available for most popular microscopes. For high quality general use micromanipulation at minimal cost, the MicroSlad will meet your most stringent requirements.

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Of the various lasers available, the CO₂ laser is the most versatile and is extremely safe because of its limited depth of penetration and minimal lateral thermal damage. This allows for use of the CO₂ laser in delicate areas where electrosurgery would be unsafe, such as the bladder, lateral side wall near the ureter, nerves, major vessels, and bowel serosa. In endometriosis patients, clinical data has demonstrated good pain control, improved quality of life, peri-operative outcomes and fertility rates with use of the CO₂ laser. The Lumenis CO₂ laser is a valuable instrument in the armamentarium of the gynecology surgeon.

Dr. Ceana Nezhat

Atlanta Center for Special Minimally Invasive Surgery & Reproductive Medicine, GA

UltraPulse SurgiTouch Brochure

UltraPulse CO₂ laser is the ultimate solution for GYNE applications


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