DEKA SmartXide2 GYN

The accuracy of scanner-assisted CO laser and the flexibility of diode lasers

Absolute precision and control for the most advanced gynecological surgery

The SmartXide2 GYN is a versatile and effective CO2 laser combining the accuracy of scanner-assisted CO and the flexibility of an optional diode laser. The SmartXide2 can operate in both the colposcopic and endoscopic fields, with a versatility that makes it the most advanced worldwide CO₂ laser system.

DEKA innovative CO₂ RF laser source equipped with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology generates pulses especially designed for surgical applications, and the use of lasers in total synergy with the HiScan Surgical scanning system.

DEKA SmartXide2 Features

  • CO₂ RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology
  • High precision robotic scanning system (HiScan Surgical)
  • Micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology
  • Provides unparalleled performance for GYN applications

PSD (Pulse Shape Design) Technology

The latest PSD (Pulse Shape Design) technology uses the high power and speed of the SmarXide2, generating variable peak pulses with different structrure, duration and power to suit various clinical conditions.  U-Pulse and "Real CW" pulses are the most used in ENT surgery.

U-Pulse is the perfect pulse for the ENT microsurgery because a massive energy is supplied in microseconds, ensuring a perfect ablation without tissue carbonisation.

The "Real CW" emission modality has no acoustic effect and is therefore suitable for the "ONE SHOT" stapedotomy technique.

EasySpot Hybrid & HiScan Surgical

Scan-Assisted Laser Microsurgery:

• Minimal thermal damage to perilesional tissues (less than 50 microns).
• No carbonisation, cleanliness of cutting edges.
• Control on cutting length ablation area, treatment depth and coagulation (%).
• 2 working modalities: “Depth” and “Power”.
• Software-guided procedure for both focusing and laser beam centration.. Learn more


Miniaturised scanning system used with handpieces for either free-hand and
laparoscopic surgery such as Endometriosis vaporization treatment. The multi-function key
enables precise centering inside the Laparoscope and the ability to either activate or deactivate the scanner for vaporization or cut functions.

High Power Diode Laser

The diode laser and fibre delivery system allows the surgeon to operate easily, even in the hardest conditions.

The flexibility of the optical fibers allows users to easily reach internal areas such as the central ear ("ONE SHOT" stapedotomy).

The diode laser system can also be integrated into the SmartXide2 at anytime, as part of an optional upgrade kit to the system.  A broad selection of fibre core diameters is available, from 200 μm to 600 μm singe-use or up to 10 times reusable (to reduce cost).


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