AcuPulse DUO Surgical CO₂ Laser

CO₂ laser fiber and free beam energy delivery in a single device

CO₂ Laser Fiber and Free Beam Energy Delivery in a Single Device

AcuPulse DUO CO₂ laser, a unique combination of CO₂ laser fiber and free beam energy delivery in a single device. With the ability to utilize the two valuable modalities on the same laser console there is no need to compromise. Maximal versatility is provided to choose the exact parameters and seamlessly alternate between the delivery modes and gain the desired laser-tissue interaction. The precision of the Digital AcuBlade alongside the flexibility of the fiber allows you to address surgical challenges and to treat valuable anatomy with extra delicacy, resulting in virtually char free margins and minimal thermal necrosis.

The dependable and flexible the CO₂ laser fiber enables easy access to difficult to reach areas thus providing you with more delicate treatment options. The handheld fiber includes a valuable aiming beam, and is easily adopted in the surgical sphere and demonstrates a short learning curve.

The free beam CO₂ laser is delivered via designated surgical tools such as the Digital AcuBlade Micromanipulator with SurgiTouch scanner, which delivers laser energy inside a user defined geometric shape. The rapid motion of the scanner takes the energy delivery and the entire operation to its highest precision level.

Unique Features:

  • Seamless alternation between the CO₂ laser FreeBeam and Fiber delivery modes
  • Three power and time exposure modes that enables customized energy delivery for optimal tissue management:
    • CW - Steady, continuous beam of energy. Optimal for when coagulation is desirable
    • PULSER - Constant frequency with variable pulse length yields the desired average power
    • SUPER PULSE - Continuous series of short duration, high peak power pulses. Optimal for char free outcomes
  • Advanced, electronically controlled air management system.
  • Embedded procedure and assembly videos in the user interface
  • Ninety nine memories can be integrated and saved on the system for varies users

Clinical Indications for ENT, Gynecology and General Surgery

The versatility of the DUO module extends your surgical capabilities and allows you to address a broad range of clinical indications in the operating room and in the outpatient environment. Lumenis provides you with a full suite of CO₂ laser fiber and free beam surgical tools that are designated to precisely and delicately address clinical indications related to Head and Neck, Otology, Gynecology and general surgery pathologies.


Providing precise, individualized patient care can be challenging for ENT surgeons because of the broad spectrum of surgical situations that can arise during the procedure. With the combined modality of the CO₂ laser and the easy shift between free beam and fiber deliveries I can delicately address any clinical challenge while preserving healthy tissue, which is very important for the patient’s recovery and comfort.

Prof. Marc Remacle

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

The AcuPulse Duo affords unparalleled ability to cater specific surgical treatment to a broad range of pathology in the performance of transoral head and neck procedures. Coupling line-of-sight and fiber-based laser approaches allows the greatest surgical freedom in addressing lesions that are difficult to access and lets us treat disease endoscopically that would otherwise mandate another approach. I have substantially more confidence in my surgical plan and expected outcome when both options are available to me.

Joshua S. Schindler, M.D.

OHSU Department of Otolaryngology, Oregon Health & Science University, USA.

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