Micromanipulators Coupled to Surgical Microscopes

Spot Micro-Manipulator specifically designed for ENT microsurgery

Precise and Reproducible Performance

As the CO₂ Laser market pioneer in the ENT specialty, Lumenis has been developing over the years a very wide range of Free Beam accessories that are tailor made to the designated anatomy and all are based on surgeons feedbacks and requirements.

The comprehensive variety of CO₂ laser accessories for ENT are designed for incision, excision, vaporization and ablation of soft tissue in the ear, nasal cavity, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and upper trachea. The CO₂ laser parameters and delivery modes can be adjusted to allow precision and simultaneous microvascular hemostasis. In ENT, the Lumenis CO₂ laser has become the hallmark of precision in delicate spaces with minimal thermal damage. 


Micromanipulators Coupled To Surgical Microscopes - The invisible carbon dioxide laser treatment beam and the red helium-neon laser aiming beam are focused at the same working distance as the microscope. The micromanipulator has a gimbaled mirror, situated in the view path of the surgeon, to direct the laser beams onto the tissue site. The surgeon manipulates a joystick to tilt the mirror and direct the laser beam precisely onto the desired target tissue.

To accommodate the physical dimensions of various microscopes, there are numerous models of the AcuSpot micromanipulator. Each is compatible with different microscope models.

Acuspot 712 & 712 L/Z Perfection in CO₂ Laser MicroSurgery

The Lumenis 712 AcuSpot combines the established precision of AcuSpot micromanipulators with the convenience of variable working distance, from 200 to 400 mm. Offering a 160 micron laser impact spot, the 712 AcuSpot allows the utmost in precision while simultaneously reducing the amount of laser power required for the desired tissue effect. 

Minimal thermal trauma and tissue necrosis assure a significant reduction in post-operative edema and promote superior healing. The AcuSpot may be further combined with Lumenis’ patented SurgiTouch™ flash scanner to enhance char-free, layer-by-layer, tissue ablation capabilities.

The revolutionary design of the 712 AcuSpot enhances convenience in laser microsurgery while maintaining the clinical advantages established by hundreds of AcuSpot installations worldwide. A mirror-based, achromatic, optical design assures perfect coincidence of the red aiming and CO₂ beams, even at the highest microsurgery magnifications. The dichroic, “see-through,” steering mirror maintains coaxial alignment with the microscope optics for safe and accurate delivery through pediatric laryngoscopes or other confined lumens.

Digital AcuBlade Scanning Micromanipulator

When the goal is to treat the pathology within the organ with maximum efficacy, while preserving organ functionality and minimizing adjacent healthy tissue damage, the Digital AcuBlade micromanipulator is an indispensable tool that can be used to safely incise, excise or ablate tissue, reducing the risk of complications. The Digital AcuBlade micromanipulator takes the performance of line-of-site CO₂ laser free beam, to a whole new sphere of precision and controlled tissue management.

The Digital AcuBlade delivers nearly char free, and shaped cutting, vaporization, and ablation to precise size and depth. While lasing, the surgeon uses the special joystick to direct the scan pattern onto the tissue target. The scanner moves the laser beam faster than a human hand can, thereby minimizing heat built up in tissue and creating virtually no char. Precision is assured by the nearly char-free and bloodless visual field and reproducible treatment depth.

I’ve used lasers for 30 years, primarily CO2 lasers. I find the Digital AcuBlade offers a game changing technology by providing precise control and automatic treatment of large areas on the vocal cords in shapes of lines and circles that conform to the anatomy in a much faster and precise technique than can be done with hand control of the micromanipulator.

Mark Courey, M.D.

University of California

Digital Acublade

Digital AcuBlade Brochure



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