CO₂ Laser Probes and Kits for ENT

Discover the innovation behind the Lumenis Probes and Kits for technical advantages and improved patient outcomes.

Lumenis focuses on innovation, efficacy and safety when developing products. The combination of unparalleled laser technology and innovative accessories makes CO₂ laser surgery rewarding for both physician and patient.


In ear surgery, the microsurgical precision of the Lumenis CO2 laser and its fibers module make it the ideal tool for treatment of challenging anatomy and sensitive auditory structures. Studies have shown that
physicians can attain comparable and often superior outcomes using CO2 lasers for ear surgery compared with other laser types and treatment modalities.

Nasal and Laryngeal Probes

Lumenis' line of nasal accessories permits easy accessibility to the deepest recesses of the nasal passage and turbinate regions with the preferred CO₂ wavelength. The probes are designed for maximum visibility with integrated smoke evacuation to maintain a clear field even within the confines of nasal specula. Longer probes are designed for laryngeal applications, especially involving small children and infants.


  • Available in many angulations (90˚, 20˚, 0˚)
  • Enhanced accessibility: straight, left, right beam output
  • Precision 0.8 mm spot facilitates exact cutting, ablation and vaporization with minimal thermal transfer to delicate surrounding tissues
  • Available with or without smoke evacuation (nasal probes)
  • Stainless steel pre-formed sheath accepts multi-use FiberLase® core, which transmits a red aiming beam for precise placement of the active beam


  • Turbinate Hyperplasia
  • Septal Spur Surgery
  • Polyps And Cysts
  • Synechia
  • Choanal Atresia
  • Laryngeal Stenosis
  • Papillomas

Oral Pharyngeal and Nasal Kit

Proprietary laser scanning technology has been incorporated into two unique sets of instruments for treating the uvula, soft palate, tonsils, oral mucosa and nasal septum with the CO₂ laser. The continuous variable defocus (CVD) optic allows fingertip transition from cut to ablate without procedural interruptions. By simply changing the tips supplied with the set, straight or lateral lasing is easily accomplished. A mirror tip is also included to access those areas usually difficult to target with a direct approach. The set may be ordered individually or as an accessory for use with the SurgiTouch scanning system, providing controlled char-free ablation.


  • Effective tonsil ablation through scanning
  • Spot size: 0.6 mm - 5.6 mm
  • Minimal or no bleeding
  • Multiple tips meet all surgical needs
  • Built-in smoke evacuation

  • Tonsillotomy, Tonsil Ablation
  • Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP)
  • Oral Lesions
  • Halitosis, Dysgeusia
  • Septal Spur Reduction
  • Leukoplakia


The OtoScan system enables Laser-Assisted Myringotomy to be performed using local anesthesia outside the operating room. The device usually produces the myringotomy with a single scan delivered in a fraction of a second.

The surgeon has unfettered visualization because the ergonomic handpiece combines optics for the CO2 laser, light fibers and a single-CCD video camera. A number of adult, child and infant sized ear speculums are equipped with the system.

The OtoScan system is operated by Lumenis CO2 lasers equipped with SurgiTouch software and scanner.

  • UltraPulse SurgiTouch Surgical CO2 Laser
  • AcuPulse SurgiTouch Surgical CO2 Lasers
  • Compact lasers equipped with SurgiTouch


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