CO₂ Laser Handpieces

For precise incision and larger area ablation

CO₂ laser handpieces are used for direct laser impact to the treatment site by bare hand movement. The handpieces differ in a variety of ways, depending on the intended treatment goal. Main applications are precise incision and larger area ablation.  The listed handpieces cover the needs of the typical medical practitioner. 

Focusing Incisional Handpieces


  • 0.2 mm Focused Incisional Handpiece
  • 1.0 mm Focused Incisional Handpiece
  • Standard Spatula Tip
  • Narrow Spatula Tip
  • Carrying case length:
    - 130 mm (0.2 mm handpiece)
    - 152 mm (1.0 mm handpiece)
  • Handpiece Barrel and Spatula Tip

Sterilization: Gas or steam sterilization 

The TrueSpot 2.0mm Collimated Handpiece

The TrueSpot 2.0mm Collimated Handpiece is designed for use with the Lumenis CO₂ laser systems. The focusing lens in most surgical laser handpieces focuses the laser beam to the smallest possible spot size. Outside the focal area, the laser spot enlarges. Instead, the TrueSpot handpiece delivers a 2.0mm spot size, regardless of the distance the handpiece is held from the tissue target.



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