Gentle injections with the first, cordless, motorized hyaluronic acid injection system

Let your art speak

Teosyal® Pen is the first, motorized, cordless hyaluronic acid injection system designed for practitioners to focus on the artistic aspect of their work, reduce patient pain during dermal filler injections and offer complete precision resulting in optimal patient results.

Teosyal® Pen assists hyaluronic acid injections using two programs at three different speeds providing complete control over pressure, speed and product quantity. This cutting-edge technology is especially valuable for the very delicate oral, perioral and peri-orbital areas, where highly precise and homogeneous injections are crucial for a natural result. Injectors experienced in handling the syringe have been pleasantly surprised and switched to the Teosyal Pen.

With the Pen, Teoxane Laboratories has combined their expertise in manufacturing highly valued dermal fillers with the technology that optimizes the art of injecting.
  • Reduced pain intensity with TEOSYAL PEN vs. manual injections
  • Reduced intensity of immediate side effects with TEOSYAL PEN vs. manual injections
  • Smaller amount of product used with TEOSYAL®PEN vs. manual injections

Advanced Swiss Technology

A well-controlled constant flow, regardless of tissue resistance or gel viscosity

Injection Comfort

Easy injection into sensitive areas of those requiring high pressure.

"With Teosyal Pen, injections are streamlined and less painful in comparison to manual injections"
Dr. Inigo De Felipe 

Smooth and Highly Precise Delivery

The hand is less in demand, so you can concentrate on accurate gel placement and smooth enhancement.


"It's all about enabling patients to relax and making them feel comfortable. This is the result of Teosyal Pen"

Dr. Sabine Zenker, Munich

NO PEN NO GAIN™ (Teosyal Pen)

TEOXANE traces the evolution of standards in anti-ageing techniques.
Every era has its anti-ageing solutions, but through time, beyond sometimes debatable efficiency, many were painful. TEOSYAL®PEN offers softness, precision and natural results, in line with the expectations of patients.

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The first, motorized, cordless hyaluronic acid injection system


Innovative Delivery Devices: Teosyal Pen



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