Clinical Review of the Fotona StarWalker

November 24, 2020
Clarion has an experienced, professional Clinical Training team across Canada to support our business partners.  As part of Clarion’s ongoing commitment to providing the best training and information, we are introducing our Clinical Review blogs featuring our diverse, professional Clinical Training team! Up first is our Clinical Review of the Fotona StarWalker by Teresa Maloney. Teresa is a Senior Capital Clinical Trainer covering our Western Canada territories since 2005. One of Teresa’s favourite systems is the Fotona StarWalker and this guest blog with share her perspective on why she loves it and will provide an overview of the system’s capabilities.


Why I love the StarWalker

By: Teresa Maloney 

I have worked in the industry since 1990, and when we started with Q-Switched lasers, we were quite limited on what we could treat.  If anyone had a tattoo with colour in it, they were out of luck as all we could do is remove the dark pigments of a tattoo.

 What I love about the StarWalker is that it gives me so many treatment options for the patient/client I am treating.  With 4 wavelengths (532, 585,650 and 1064) and different pulse durations (Q-Switched, long pulse 532/1064 and Frac 3) there isn’t any treatment I can’t perform. There is a variety of spot sizes to choose from depending what I am treating. They range from 2mm all the way up to 20mm! So, treating the smallest target to the largest target (body treatments) are so easy.  I also have user presets at my fingertips as everything is programmed into the StarWalker system.

 If you have Melasma, I can treat it! If you have freckles or sun damage, I can treat it too! If you all the colours of the rainbow in your tattoo, I can treat it! It’s not just dark pigment anymore.

One of the biggest stars on the StarWalker is the fractional 1064 handpiece, it is called FracTat.  The energy is photomechanical not photothermal, which helps to break up and remove unwanted pigmentation in the skin. This allows for a 2 in 1 treatment for tattoo removal and means there are less treatments for tattoo removal. I can also use the fractional handpiece non-ablatively or ablatively for many treatments.  This includes scarring (surgical, stretchmarks) to help break down pigments in the skin (sun damage, freckles, melasma) in combination with the regular Q-Switched 1064/532 wavelengths. Downtime and discomfort in ablative or non-ablative mode is minimal and numbing cream is not required for these treatments.

There is no other Q-Switched in the world uses larger spots sizes than the Starwalker.  This allows the end user to perform more treatments
faster, and it gives more depth of penetration of the energy you are using for the tougher targets in the skin (dermal Melasma). Also, no system in the world has a fractionated 1064 Yag handpiece to add on to the existing treatments the StarWalker provides. StarWalker is a great first-time purchase or an amazing add on to the existing technologies you already have such as the Fotona SP Dynamis  or any IPL, RF technologies.

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